Young and Raw Smoothie Recipe of the Day:Tropical Detox Smoothie
1 Cup Frozen or Fresh mango
1 Lime, Peeled
1 handful of Cilantro ( Koriander )
1-2 Leaves of Kale or handful of greens of your choice (Grünkohl oder andere grüne Blätter)
1 Cup of Water (no milk)3 Rawesome Facts about this Smoothie!1. Cilantro Detoxes heavy metals from the blood.

2. Cilantro helps to naturally combat PMS symptoms and can help to balance your mood.

3. Mango can help clear pores and you can even use it externally to brighten skin and clear
dead skin cells. (do patch test first to test for allergic response!)

4. Lime can help you „get things moving“ and relieve constipation. It’s also a classic source
of Vitamin C 🙂

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